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Furutech The Astoria Netzkabel

Amazing Features
- Fitted with Non-plated Furutech FI-11M(Cu) or FI-E11(Cu) and FI-11(Cu) IEC connectors
- α (Alpha) conductor shield for protection against radiated noise
- RoHS-compliant Audio grade flexible PVC sheath improves vibration isolation
- Special Audio grade flexible PVC Insulation contributes to reduced capacitance
- Floating Field Damper™ US Patent No.: 6,669,491/ European Patent (EP1445837)

Cable Specifications
- Conductors: 80-strand PC Triple C 0.18mm x 3 cores
- Insulation: Audio grade Flexible PVC (Brown, Light Blue, Green with Yellow striping) OD: 3.5mm diameter approx.
- Inner Sheath: Audio grade Flexible PVC (Black)
- Shielding: 0.12mm OFC Wire Braid
- Sheath: RoHS-compliant Audio grade flexible PVC (Dark Green), 12.8mm diameter approx.
- Outer Sleeve: Nylon yarn braid
- Length: 150cm approx.

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