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Furutech FI-12L R Rhodium Winkel Kaltgerätestecker

Furutech FI-12L R Rhodium Winkel Kaltgeräte Kupplung
FI-12L(R)---10A 250V
From Furutech in 2015 the world’s first high-end grade angled power connectors. All versions with adjustable angle settings and featuring Furutech's top rhodium-plated α (Alpha) pure-copper conductors.
Rhodium-plated α (Alpha) pure-copper conductors
Floating Field Damper System (US Patent No.: 6,669,491)
Nylon/fiberglass body incorporating carbon particles that absorb vibration and resonance
Specified for cable diameters from 6.6mm to 18.0mm
Dimensions: Housing-44.0mm X 42.2mm X 55.0mm
FI-12L(R) --- 70.6mm Overall Length X 42.2mm X 55.0mm Approx.
Metal cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanically and electrically induced distortion

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