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Atlas Cables Voyager Cinch NF Kabel - 1,00 Meter

The Atlas Voyager uses OCC for both the going and the return conductors and employs a PTFE dielectric together with a polyethylene foam and conducting PVC to provide 100% rejection of radio frequency interference (RFI). The Voyager is a superior unbalanced design and is together with the Atlas Navigator and the Compass the first three interconnects in the range of Atlas super interconnects for high quality systems. Where the Voyager All Cu (all copper) differs from the standard unit is in the quality of the RCA plug. The All Cu RCA plug is made from OCC copper and then silver plated. That provides the signal with an even better path that causes fewer deletions, hence more information. The Voyager tends to give a lively performance. Where the need is for a high quality revealing interconnect with speed and immediacy, use the Voyager,


* Asymmetrical / unbalanced
* Double shielded with conductive PVC plus close lapped 99.9997% pure OCC copper multi-stranded screen providing 100% coverage for the avoidance of RFI
* Low loss polyethylene primary dielectric
* Low loss foamed polyethylene secondary dielectric
* Concentric stranded rope-lay 99.9997% pure OCC copper multi-stranded conductor
* 8.5mm diameter with a soft PVC jacket
* Direct silver plated OCC copper, non-compressing, double screened, self-cleaning RCA plugs
* Colour: Black

Technical Data:

* Resistance (Ohms/m @ 20°C) : 0.0266
* Capacitance (pF/m) : 71.90
* Inductance (µH/m @ 1 kHz) : 0.416

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