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Atlas Cables Equator Superior Cinch NF Kabel - 3,00 Meter

Atlas Scotland understands the meaning of uncompromising performance. Is the ubiquitous Atlas Equator the best interconnect on the market? It sure is at it's price! The Atlas Equator Mk11 has been awarded the What Hi Fi best stereo interconnect of 2007. In Mk1 guise it was awarded the same accolade in 2002 and 2003. A consistent winner, the Equator Mk11 is obviously the entry level audio interconnect to buy. Like all Atlas interconnects, it provides a huge sound-stage together with a smooth delivery. It avoids the over bright and irritating sound so often a feature of similarly priced interconnects. Rather in common with all Atlas interconnects, irrespective of price, it offers the listener a sophisticated and relaxing sound with no artificial highs or lows.

* Asymmetrical / unbalanced
* Double shielded with close lapped 99.99997% pure OFC copper multi-stranded screen providing 100% coverage for the avoidance of RFI
* Low loss foamed polyethylene dielectric
* Concentric stranded 99.9997% pure OFC copper multi-stranded conductor
* 8.5mm diameter with a soft PVC jacket
* 75 Ohm impedance
* Direct gold plated RCA plugs
* Colour: Ivory
Technical Data:
* Resistance (Ohms/m @ 20C) : 0.0296
* Capacitance (pF/m) : 54.85
* Inductance (H/m @ 1 kHz) : 0.416

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